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By Summer If you’re familiar with almost anything I have ever posted on any part of the internet, and have been following my tweets lately, you’ll know that my Kacey Musgraves obsession has been growing stronger by the minute, likely peaking in realness when she retweeted me last month. The reasons for loving Kacey Musgraves are virtually endless, […]

By Taylor I know, I know. You’re probably asking “Her?” Yes, Jennifer Lawrence is funny and Rihanna is the coolest, but Mae Whitman is my #1 “Girl-I’d-Leave-My-Boyfriend-For” girl crush. One of the reasons I love Mae so much is because we have a history. My unwavering love for her dates back to 2001. My favorite […]

By Ali Many of you may be familiar with Mindy Kaling for her role as Kelly from The Office or more recently for her role as Mindy on the Mindy Project. If not, allow me to refresh your memory with some of her classic TV moments. Not only is Mindy super cute and funny on […]

Lorde a.k.a. Ella Yelich-O’Connor is the queen of several things like curly hair, black clothing, plum colored lipstick, and the airwaves of nearly every radio station on planet earth. She’s accomplished things some of us would never dare to dream and in such a short amount of time. It feels as if I blinked once […]

By Sarah Ma When you type “is grimes” into Google, the second suggestion is “is grimes a witch,” which somehow does not throw me off at all, as I know exactly where everyone is coming from. Grimes’ indie pop/experimental tunez make me feel like I’m in a dream, and with an aesthetic I recently described […]

By Virginia Bethany Cosentino has graced our Twitter timelines with many tweet gems, such as: “I h8 weekends bc I’m expected 2 go out + be social when all I wanna do is wear sweatpants and watch TV- actually that’s all I ever wanna do” “I like really really really want buffalo wings rn” “A […]

By Lisa Kathleen Hale is a novelist and a writer for outlets like The Huffington Post and Medium. Her work is funny, moving, and wholly original. Kathleen’s debut novel No One Else Can Have You came out this January. The book is utterly hilarious, and at times it’s heartwarming, but it’s also guaranteed to give […]

By Alicia Lapeña-Barry, Collage by Irine Le As the past five months of my young adult life have progressed, I have thought more about the word spectacle and the various instances and forms in which this particular personal phenomenon has taken place. Self-awareness and constant reflection have been integral parts of my being for as […]

By Anonymous, Collage by Kathryn Eleven: Leonardo Dicaprio was on the TV, starring as the ever charming Jack Dawson, and I found myself getting lost in that smile of his. I didn’t know why my face felt warmer or understand the way I was drawn to this stranger. All I knew was that I felt […]

Welcome to February’s theme: SOULMATES. Click here for information on contributing to this month! This month is dedicated to soulmates of all kinds: pieces of art/books/movies/celebrities that you feel a strong connection to, a real life soulmate, crushes, best friends, people or art that reach into your chest and rip out your gd heart!!! Basically, […]