Talking To Lady Pills

Interview by Virginia Croft, Art by Logan Jones

Boston-based band Lady Pills includes Ella, Allison, and Claire– I could include their last names, but this is how they’ve listed themselves on both Facebook and Bandcamp. And quite frankly, I like the idea of being on a first name basis with these gals. I first stumbled upon them while perusing their assigned label’s website, otherwise known as Babe City Records. This video in particular immediately made me want to befriend the trio and grab an ice cream cone with them.

Their music is witty and lovable, effortlessly capturing the ups and downs of being a young person these (overwhelming) days. On debut Despite, the three gals express honest wishes, desires, and emotions. Lady Pills have a habit of lending relatable one liners out like a tissue, like “you always weigh your problems heavier than mine, but it’s my birthday and you’re drinking my wine” on “I Hate You.” We talked about social justice, birth control, and fried pickles.

You just released your debut, Despite. How does it feel?!

We are super relieved to finally have the album out. It took us sometime to get it going and for the recording process to kick off, but we are glad we finally have some music to share! Working with Benny Grotto at Mad Oak Studios also made the process that much easier.

How did Lady Pills form? And, how did you pick the name?

Lady Pills formed in October of last year. We all met through Berklee. Claire and Ella had a class together, and I(Alison) knew Ella briefly through the local scene and eventually we all just got together one day and learned a couple songs, and now we are here! Ella was looking for a name for her solo project and she was talking about her birth control and she called it lady pills and eventually that turned into our band.

What were your sources of inspiration for the album?

Our own experiences, and the process of healing that comes with traumatic situations.  

Lots of musicians are utilizing their platforms to promote social justice. Is there anything specific you hope to speak to your audiences about?

There are a wide range of issues we wish to speak to our audience about. In our music we try to bring awareness and a sense of empathy to all of the turmoil in the world. We don’t make ourselves exclusive to one cause or one group of people. When people listen to our music we want them to feel the need to do good by the people they like, the people they don’t like, and also the people they may not know at all.

What has been your favorite show that you’ve played?

Recently, we played a show with Girlpool, French Vanilla, and Horse Jumper of Love at the Middle East Downstairs. It was definitely one of our best shows and it was so great to be on a bill with such talented people. The lyrics on Despite are so genuine and beautiful. How did your songwriting process work? All of the songs are written from an honest and truthful place. We usually bring in ideas that we’ve come up with on our own and practice them and see where they go musically and lyrically.

Pop Culture Puke’s monthly theme is “Hunger.” So, to be cliche, what foods are you three craving at the moment?

Ella: Fried Pickles!! Claire: Ramen!! Alison: Falafel!!



Virginia Croft is really enthusiastic about baby bears and Michael Cera’s existence. She also writes for Paste and Treble Zine, and tweets semi-witty things here.



Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 8.18.15 PM

Logan Jones is a Cinema and Afro Studies student in Minnesota. You can always catch him at some point in the movie making process. Cameras, Coffees, Cycles. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @logan_jonez.

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