Aisle 6

Art by Brooklynd Turner, Poetry by Virginia Croft


Aisle 6

They’re not really

digestive issues


More like a side effect

from my fear of:


Losing my hearing

being alone

impending death



I walked around the

grocery store for a

half hour


Stuck between the baking chocolate

and the almost-donuts we ate after the glacier

Opting for the imported peanut butter:

Sticky teeth with a side of anxiety.


I wonder

what you eat these days

while I’m gone



Virginia Croft is really enthusiastic about baby bears and Michael Cera’s existence. She also writes for Paste and Treble Zine, and tweets semi-witty things here.




Brooklynd Turner is a freelance illustrator and yoga instructor from Dallas who moved to Minneapolis to earn her BFA from MCAD. Her recent work focuses on the self-therapeutic qualities of experiencing emotions fully and letting them pass, rather than closing up and numbing out immediately. Her illustrations are reminders for women that they are not alone, and encourages them to feel lovingly strong, capable, and comfortable in their bodies. See more of her work here.

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