GRATITUDE Editor’s Letter

I’m currently in danger of failing my college’s pass/fail aerobic activities gym class. The last time I took a gym class, I was in high school and it was called “brisk walking,” so I’m not really big on the whole required physical activity thing.  Last week I was feeling really sad for what felt like many reasons, but also for no reason at all (which sounds like something I’d write in my high school diary, but it’s REAL, you guys!). So when my gym teacher approached me about the possibility of failing because I had missed too many classes, I broke down crying right there on the spin bike while watching Teen Mom OG. At that moment, I received an Instagram DM of this very fitting picture from my friend, Sammy.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.48.53 PM

She asked me how I was doing and I told her about my Crying In Public episode that was still happening and no questions asked, she got out of bed and came to the gym (still in her pajamas!) and did “yoga” with me for the extra 15 minutes I had to stay in order to make up the gym class I missed. I was so moved by this because Sammy simply didn’t have to do it. It made me feel truly loved and cared for, and lately I’ve started thinking more about the things that my friends do for me and for each other that make survival a little bit easier.

So this month’s theme on Pop Culture Puke is GRATITUDE: celebrities, songs, movies, TV shows, characters, etc. who you’re thankful for, IRL/URL friends you can’t live without, your favorite pieces of pop culture about gratitude, little things that remind you the ways in which you are lucky. As always, we’re accepting submissions all month, so submit your work to or

People/places/things I’m thankful for this month: when I was sick and my friend Kelsey brought me a sandwich with extra mayo without me even asking for it, Lemonade, Views, phone calls with my mom, The Virgin Suicides, my friend Lucy’s decision to make her Instagram account more casual, cheese fries, the Wal Mart near my school where I get my nails done, the outfits on Sex and the City, the recent YouTube trend of Snapchat makeup tutorials, my friend Hayat’s stick and poke tattoo “business,” the playground down the street from my dorm, my friend Tom’s recent theories about aliens and ancient Egypt, Lorde’s cast at the Met Gala, the fact that I haven’t lost my reusable water bottle yet this month (I know it’s only May 3rd but let me have this one), texts from my dad that say “Yolo!,” looking forward to new Skepta and Rae Sremmurd albums, my brother’s sense of humor, and dogs.

Have a great month/end of the school year. Don’t be too hard on yourself and tell the people you’re thankful for that you’re thankful for them.

❤ mg


Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 12.25.26 PM

Molly Gorelick is a college student in Pennsylvania who also edits Pop Culture Puke. She is currently asking for thoughts and prayers in order for her to pass her gym class. Check her out here + here.

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