Savanna Skin

Poem by Aditi, collage by Logan Jones.

Savanna Skin

“you must be comfortable in your own skin”

From potholes,
emerges a savanna;
devoid of life,
but the grass stands tall.
Very tall.
So tall.

Get that off!
Comfortable in your skin, I said.


Except on the North Pole
where it is okay to be Rapunzel.


Aditi is an 18-year-old self-proclaimed explorer of the world on a gap year. She doesn’t fit into the tea/coffee person binary (orange juice all the way!). Her ambitions include, but are not limited to, becoming a hyperpolyglot and owning a cat café. She gives a little too much importance to aesthetics & spends a little too much time dreaming about all the places she’s never been. Blog / Instagram

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 8.18.15 PM

Logan Jones is a Cinema and Afro Studies student in Minnesota. You can always catch him at some point in the movie making process. Cameras, Coffees, Cycles. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @logan_jonez.

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