A Passion Overfill

By Kyra Morling

A Fleeting Moment: Blown Out of Proportion

I do not know why I did not wave (first).

I have this compass in this soul that only points

North in direction to escape.

I rock along in the currents but only

Fluidly if it brings me to a safe haven.

I will act boldly, but only in retaliation to a self-deprecation

from could-of-beens and should-ofs.

I have this love, encompassing these veins

ready for a transfusion for any compassionate


I could have been possible that I mistook

this eye twinkle for a magnetic meta-physical

connection but I felt (feel) it.

I swear I felt (feel) it.

I knew (know) you did (do) too.



The isolation that is shackled to my skins turns me into a tumultuous

leader of a chain gang.

Prompted by a systematic transfixion conditioned by external convention.

(A Passion Overfill)

Now in an utmost determination I quickly begin to revolt from what seems like a

permanent hypnosis Birthed by my disillusionments, ceasing to coexist, with my

multitude of eclectic marbles tied dutifully around my wrist.

(A Passion Overfill)

But if my left foot carries my fear of rejection and my right foot carries my hope, then I

must be pigeon-toed.




Those Who Want to Die and Those That Wait

I. If I could suck the disease directly from your pores and veins

mold and shape-shift it into my own, I know I could find a will to live.

I will you to live.

II. I was always mystified by death. When I was younger I used to practice my crying in

the mirror, in case of an emergency funeral, to replace my indifference about the fact

people cross to the other side for eternity. I found peace in those who have achieved a

forever sleep, easily leaving everything behind. I was not scared. I soon realized that it

was not daunting, but the next step in a journey. I read once that death is only the end if

you assume the story is about you. I am enchanted that I could maybe have lived for

bodies more than just myself.


A Ode to the Being…You are Ruminating Inside Of

I can be lovedI can be lovedI can be lovedI can be lovedI can be lovedI can be lovedI can

be lovedI can be lovedI deserve to be lovedI deserve to be lovedI deserve to be lovedI

deserve to be lovedI demand to be lovedI demand to be lovedI demand to be lovedI

demand to be lovedI demand to be lovedI demand to be loved


A Deciding Factor

I decide. I am the one who decides. I have the power. I let these irreversible facts ring in

my bones all the way to my cerebral hemispheres. Turning submissive from any

categorization deemed overwhelming, I naively wonder:

Am I gonna grow

And move

And evolve

And laugh

And cry

And love


If I cannot feel anything what is the point of it all?

I’m forgetting the facts.

And then It happens:

A spontaneous



Breach in the system.

Did I do that?

Did I do that?

Influence a magnetic force altering my fate?



Kyra Morling is based in LA and currently attends UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television as an Acting Major. Find her on tumblr:

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