Empty Lunchroom

Prose and Collage by Logan Jones

I’ve never really felt like I fit in. Like, I’m good at making friends and I’m a social person, but every so often I find myself wondering if people REALLY like me. I’ve only ever had a few people say that they’re my friend and that worries me. Not many people have ever said they’re lucky to have me as a friend, but when you think about it, how often is that really said? I remember the first week of high school, I didn’t really know anybody. I sat at a booth in my lunchroom, alone, after walking past a bunch of people I kind of knew, hoping they would ask me to sit with them. They never did. I can’t remember a time when someone has ever created a friendship with me. In kindergarten maybe, but that was so long ago and all of those friends are long gone. I wish I had a friend that I’ve known forever, but new friends are nice too. I mean, I’ve had people act friendly towards me before we were friends, but the pursuit of friendship is most often on my part. I kinda like sitting at my desk by myself working on stuff. I also like working in groups. But silence kills me. As I write this, the only noise I hear are my keys and it’s kinda killing me, but also at least I have that. Without this sound I would really be alone. And that scares me. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 3.27.11 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 8.18.15 PM

Logan Jones is a Cinema and Afro Studies student in Minnesota. You can always catch him at some point in the movie making process. Cameras, Coffees, Cycles. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @logan_jonez.

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