I Made A Best Friend On The Internet Today, Dad

Stop-motion by Katie, Poem by Alex.

I Made A Best Friend On The Internet Today, Dad from Kathryn Schultz on Vimeo.

In high school, it sometimes feels like our friends have been hand-picked for us, as though the majority of our relationships are based more in proximity than in mutual interests. When I began to attend college in New York, a much bigger and more fluid setting, I found that I had more agency in navigating new friendships. I hold my high school and college friends extremely close to my heart, but with this poem I wanted to acknowledge a specific type of friendship that may seem unconventional to people who are not part of our younger generation; those which are cultivated through technology. As a platform for meeting new people, media such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, iMessage, and FaceTime can be extremely powerful. Not only do these instruments of communication allow you to connect with people in nearly any location around the world, but they also allow you to find people who are like-minded in ways that your IRL friends may not be. Katie, the particular “internet soulmate” who I wrote this piece about, made an absolutely beautiful stop-motion video to accompany it.

Katie and I have now met each other in person twice, and we continue to talk, text, snap, fav and like every single day. This is a picture of our feet meeting for the first time. ღ(♥‿♥)ღ -Alex




Katie Schultz is a film and writing student in Minnesota who loves TV and nachos, usually together. She also edits Pop Culture Puke. Learn more about her herehere, and here.




Alex Berner-Coe is a student, writer, traveller, and exceptional produce shopper. She spends most of her time creating mental shrines to all that she loves.

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