New Beats

Poetry by Mike Corrao, Collage by Megan Fox.

New Beats

I miss Ginsberg’s Howl

monotone recordings

of podium talks from

dive bars with snapping

friends in the audience.


I think Kerouac

was a bit of a sexist

who wrote good haikus.


Burroughs yearned stayed off topic;

beautifully boxy tails that run from

and along the backs of serpent

men inhaling too much television.


I hope I don’t miss a beat in a

new generation

who would like to join in the

moving feet to accomplish more

feats than the dead movements

before us who took a bit more

than one person to get a foot up.


Another American Experiment.




Radio Now Hits


Smooth collaged dorm room college radio voices

tell siren tranced audiences to untie themselves

from masts and to come close and listen to

upcoming pop beats.


Records spin between singular fingers with polished

painted nails hushed under mellow tones so

listeners wouldn’t scamper off into Huey Lewis

news stations with leaned back suits and ties

reclined in casual fashion.


Here it comes, lovely listeners – says clichéd alliteration

when needle touches vinyl ridge in anticipation

for lovely soliloquy.


Crackling nostalgia comes to a simmer then a boil with

the help of thumbs-up higher-ups.


Let the song play sweet in enchanting beat while we

all wait for the upright bass to spin and for

the chant to flow with Artie Shaw charisma.


WIN_20151011_204352 (2)

Mike Corrao is a current student at the University of Minnesota studying English and film. When he isn’t writing, editing, pitching ideas, or frustrated shouting at his laptop, he enjoys watching old foreign films and hanging out with friends. His work has been published in Century Magazine, 365tomorrows and Thrice.


IMG_5858Megan Fox is a vintage enthusiast living in Minneapolis, hugging kittens and stomping on the patriarchy in big black boots. Check out her music projects here and here, and check out her Instagram here.

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