The Kids In Berlin

by Maansi Jain

these images are a selection from the series firstaidkit, starring youth in berlin, a “comeback” that will never go away in the sense that every generation has kept up a well tended fascination for youth culture (the whole series is here.) firstaidkit documents a depressive phase in my personal “nachtleben.” i’m borrowing the word as it stands in the title of the book Nachtleben Berlin: 1974 bis heute, which is a book full of images of berlin nightlife from the 70s on and its depiction of ‘youth’ is (un?)surprisingly timeless. when I shot these images, i wasn’t partying a ton, but i was trying to distract myself from being alone again by going to meet acquaintances in various corners of berlin almost every evening. i started walking home pretty often because i didn’t have the patience to wait for trains and buses, which in turn meant two and three hour walks to get back to my apartment. meandering through the streets was super therapeutic and funnily enough, being alone was key. though the photographs i took then weren’t originally intended as a cohesive series, they are the leftover tokens of this time period.

photo 1
“but you have to pronounce it right”

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture
“thinking about ramen on the way home”

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture
“favorite crossing to stop at”

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture
“Siri, just do what I say”
My beautiful picture
“chris and natalie”
My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture
“4 am”




Maansi Jain is a German-born American artist and photographer currently living and working in Berlin, Germany.  Most recently, her work has been shown in New York, Los Angles, Berlin and Dublin.
“In her photography, Jain has her eyes focused on action. She analyzes the scene painstakingly in seconds, and shows us our own culture of self-aware posing. In Jain’s photos the passerby is transformed into an actor or at least an extra, all of whom she seems to be directing” (text Moritz Gramming).
Check out her website and find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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