Whether you’re frantically juggling finals or enjoying the luxurious languidity of break or something in between, December is here. As 2015 comes to a close (wtf), some changes are coming to the PCP website.

First of all, regular contributor Molly Gorelick is joining our web staff as a co-editor. Molly’s work for the site can be seen here, and her intimate and relatable poetry has been featured in every print zine.

For the following month we will continue posting themeless content, but in January Pop Culture Puke will return to monthly website themes, starting with COMEBACK. Send us your work! We’re looking for written work, art, poetry, video, music, and photography related to resurgence, renewal, regeneration, etc. Send us an illustrated list of your new year’s resolutions! Write us an essay about lil ol’ comeback kid Justin Bieber! Literally just send us the link to Missy Elliot’s new music video! Also, feel free to connect your work to the theme through your own interpretation. Send your work or questions to or Submissions are due January 1.


Collage by Rachel Davies.

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