Over the past couple of weeks autumn has overfilled the pages of my sketchbook, reeking of warm tones and the thoughts that cross my mind on chilled walks. Although it still feels present in November, currently sunny and 61 degrees, I know the end will be upon us soon.  In ways these pages are a tribute to the past couple of months. In transitioning to my first semester of college, there has been a lot of messiness in my life. However, the consistency of autumn and my book have managed to keep me grounded. As chilled temperatures become near freezing this winter, I hope to cozy down with a cup of apple cider and remain grounded; there’s something to appreciate about the consistencies of seasons.





Amanda Erickson is a student and an artist motivated by social justice and understanding human relationships (Subjects of interest: sustainability, community art, feminism). Happy things: smoothies, house plants and thrifting. You can find her on twitter and instagram.


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