A Good Fatherly Talk With “So Dad Today”

By Rona Akbari, Collage by Kathryn

If you love memes, Drake, and cute dogs, you may want to learn about the Internet’s biggest DILF, @sodadtoday_. His Twitter bio reads: “proud online father of over 5700 kids, sad 30 year old man who wears leggings as pants, DILF since birth.” So he’s not like a regular dad… he’s a cool dad. One of the biggest luminaries of our time, he has even started a podcast on SoundCloud called “Let’s Talk About Fuckboys” where he advises his squad on everything from how to spot a fuckboy to how fuckboys are formed. To quote him from Part 1 of the installment: “Usually no one goes straight into being a fuckboy, they spend a bit of time being a shitbaby which is a little bit in between being a nice, caring person and being a fuckboy.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Rona: How did you come up with so dad today?
@sodadtoday_: I initially started it just as a dumb joke to make @sosadtoday laugh…we r friends through Twitter from our personal accounts (before she had the so sad account)

One of my first tweets…she rt’d it and it got tons of favs/RTs

So I was like “maybe I should keep doing this”

Also a lot of my IRL friends have told me that I’m very dad-like

So I just kept doing it and developing the “voice” or “character” of the account

How would you describe that voice/character?
I think of it sorta like a “zany yung dad”…like he’s responsible and caring and dad-like but at the same time he’s young enough to understand all the slang the teens use and able to be popular on social media sites

it’s a bit of an exaggerated version of my IRL personality

You always Tweet about Drake, what does he represent for you?
omg yes

drake represents everything to me

he’s my favourite artist

feel like I really relate to the emotional content of his songs and the general mood/vibe he creates.

the sensitivity and all the inner conflict between his sensitive side and when he tries to be tough.

I’ll be having a bad day, read one of your Tweets, laugh, and feel happy again. in what ways do you think the account is positively affecting your followers’ lives? Do people ever come to you with their problems and ask you for advice?
Oh nice I’m glad it can be positive for u in ur life

sometimes I have people ask me for advice I like that

I’m glad to help…I have a lot of “life experience” because I’m old AF

Overall I really try to make sure the tone of the account is positive and funny that’s really important to me

I’ve had lots of times in life when I’ve been in a super dark place and humour was rly helpful in those times

Even if it’s something like joking about depression or anxiety or being lonely…being able to share that sentiment with others is comforting

I’d like to note that you are expanding the consciousness of thousands, probably even saving lives by igniting the #stopfuckboys2k15 movement. Can you explain more about your motives for the cause & where you hope the movement will take humanity?
Hahaha amazing question

I’m trying to think about how the whole fuckboy theme in my tweets started

seemed like I started seeing the word fuckboy around on Twitter a lot and noticed tweets that used it seemed to get a lot of interactions

I’d always noticed that there are a lot of shitty ass dudes out there….I have a lot of female friends and have heard SO MANY stories about dudes fucking them over and being fake ass

then I started to think about the concept and idea of it and wondered where does it come from

Obviously is from the patriarchy

I’m gonna elaborate a bit more on it in the next podcast…which I will start working on v soon


How would you describe your aesthetic & would you consider so dad today to be goth? Also, what’s your ideal outfit for a casual day?
I literally wear all black everyday…I’m definitely goth…

For a casual day: black hoodie, some nice black jeggings and a pair of crocs

Where’s the best place to get jeggings?
lol order them online so you don’t have to leave the house

Fav meme?
if you consider “goals” a meme I’d say that

when I asked everyone to tweet the word goals at me and they did it I was smiling so much

and I love using “_____ goals” as the caption for photos it’s perfect

What can we expect from our favorite online dad, in the future?
upcoming stuff…I’m working on part 2 of let’s talk about fuckboys podcast…plus I have one secret surprise thing coming up soon.

Join the fam and follow dad on all of his social medias:

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