Talking To Soft Lions

By Rachel D

Soft Lions is a band from California formed by Megan, Lex, and Jon. Their sound can be described as moody surf rock and their nature inspired EP, Earth Energy, was just released this June. Rachel D talked to Megan and Lex about their pop culture influences.

Have you been interested in being a musician since you were young?

Megan: My dad is a musician and he loves telling stories about me at like 3 years old, clutching my PJ Sparkles doll and storming the stage to sing with him and his bluegrass band. I thought music was just something everybody did, not really a big deal.

Lex: I have been interested in music from a very young age. My parents both raised me on their favorites. Things like David Bowie, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, The Rolling Stones to Santana and David Brubeck. I was first interested in playing the drums and got my first kit when I was ten. In high school, going to all ages local shows inspired me to pursuit being in a band and performing.

How long have you been performing together?
Lex: We’ve been playing together for a year in August but debuted as a band in December 2013. We know each other through friends and other bands.

What musicians do you feel influenced by?

Megan: I’m currently really inspired by David Bowie, St. Vincent, and EMA. I like artists who take risks, and I like feeling like there’s another world in their songs, like you can take all their songs together and it’s like a parallel universe that lives next to yours that you get to dip into whenever you want. I like music that makes me think deeper about what it means, like Spencer Krug’s songs and Neutral Milk Hotel too.

If you could collaborate with one other band or performer who would it be?

Lex: If I could collaborate with another artist it would be David Bowie or Jack White. They are both incredible fixtures in music that have profoundly inspired me not only through their songs, but their over all attitude and philosophy about music and life.

Megan: I would love to sing on a Dirty Beaches track. His music is so haunting and emotional, but also tough and mysterious. I got to see him play on my last birthday and it was a totally immersive, euphoric experience for me. The venue was super dark and full of fog, and even though my friends who came with me were like WTF?? I got so lost in that vibe.

What was your favourite TV show as a teenager? Band?

Megan: When I was a teen, I loved watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and also binge-watching old classics on Nick at Night during the summer when they would play long blocks of The Wonder Years and Bewitched in the middle of the night. I was also super into the Beatles, the Velvet Underground and the Doors. Sleater-Kinney was the band that got me into new music and going to shows, and the band that really sparked the urge in me to start my first band in high school.

Have your interests changed much since then or do you feel still enjoy the same type of music and TV shows?

Lex: I am interested in the same fundamental passions I was growing up such as music, art, history, language, writing and fashion. My taste in TV shows tends to be pretty consistent, with only a few changing as I mature. Also, I find myself watching less as I get older. One thing that remains the same? I love Law and Order. I tend to like dramas about crime, sit coms, and adult cartoons like king of the hill. My taste in music has grown since I was younger. Even if I’m not currently listening to a certain once favorite album or band on repeat any more, the songs still hold meaning and memories which will never change.

Megan: I went through what Cher’s best friend Dionne would call a post-adolescent idealistic phase where I hated everything I used to love because I didn’t like the person I was as a teen, but I have come back around again. I don’t care if something I like is too mainstream or not cool enough or whatever somebody else says about it on the Internet anymore, there’s just no time for that. Gotta go, Buffy’s on Netflix.

Soft Lions can be found on Facebook here, and Bandcamp here.

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