I Love You, Zach Rance

By Summer


Image by Summer

Big Brother has been my favourite reality TV show since I first started watching it in 2004. I identify each summer by the season of Big Brother we were always rushing in to watch on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights. Being a summer show, you need to get into it and get over it very quickly, which is something I am notoriously unable to do with pretty much anything and everything (oops). I’m usually the person that discovers a well-loved show 9 seasons in, and is literally still not over the finale of Fringe, so Big Brother is always a challenge for me.

This season was hard to get into for me at first since I missed the first 2 weeks due to forgetting that it was on, but the first time I sat down and watched it on a Wednesday night while babysitting and my eyes fell on Zach Rance I knew that this was bound to be my favourite season ever.

Yes, I am explaining Love At First Sight. I’m not a firm believer in this phenomenon for real deal relationships, but I was prepared to move to Florida the moment I saw that hot pink sideways hat (a notion my mother has endorsed). What is most terrifying for me is that the very BB bb I’m discussing is up for nomination AT THIS MOMENT, largely due to his terrific game play and the decision to call a fellow competitor a Froot Loop dingus (it’s ok, I still love you). I am, in fact, reading @BigBrotherLeaks on twitter as I write this, getting more spoiler information than my emotions can likely handle in this rollercoaster of a week, and getting more and more worried about my ability to handle the impending moment – whether this week, in two weeks, or at the finale – that Zach is no longer on my TV 3 times a week.

How will I get over this and find closure? For starters, as with any major emotional situation I experience, I’ll be tweeting about it a fair bit. Twitter is like my little 140 character diary where I can quickly put emotional thoughts into words that garner favs at the least and support at the most from my URL friends and strangers alike. History states I’ll spend some time spontaneously shouting when I see things that remind me of him, and probably laying down on the floor in places I’m not supposed to (I collapsed in my closet post-One Direction yesterday as my sister played Better Than Words and we reminisced about Niall). I have also already made stickers with his face on it that are for sale in my Etsy shop and will be making several dozen of them for my phone/laptop/binders/shirt/face in the coming weeks. And as with any emotional event, whether small like the eviction of your fav Big Brother houseguest or big Real Deal situations like fights with friends or death of a family member, I’m just going to have to give it time.

In closing, I would like to wish #BBZach good luck and godspeed and pls HMU if you’re reading this and want a girl to go to Germany with you because I’m super single and can show you a great app to learn the language.

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