Master This: Eyebrows

By Kirsty

Illustration by Jane M
Illustration by Jane M

I have no doubts that some of our readers have the best eyebrows out there- like, Cara Delevigne, Elle Fanning level cool- and I have some strong eyebrow envy towards most of the other contributors too, but I know some girls (and guys!!) just need a helping hand sometimes to get the hang of it, so I’m here to grant your [eyebrow related pun here] wishes.

Don’t overpluck: No matter how regularly we get our eyebrows waxed/threaded/whatever your chosen hair removal method is, there’ll always be some small hairs growing through by about the halfway point, and some people may be cool with that, but I can NOT deal with it. I’m so bad at making appointments or finding time (or cash if I didn’t get it paid for), that I just do my brows myself now, and I can get pretty obsessive over it. Tweezing my eyebrows is probably my most time consuming hobby tbh; I’m a control freak, nbd. But no matter how often you pluck, one of the most vital eyebrow tips is to make sure you DON’T over-do it. For real, spend every hour of the day trying to draw out all the annoying, obvious little hairs, but as soon as you pull out a couple hairs too long it can sacrifice the shape. A few minutes of “reshaping” later and you have no eyebrow. I’m not trying to scare you- just make sure you’re weary of the bigger picture.

Shaping: Speaking of the bigger picture, if you do decide to shape your brows yourself, it’s a good idea to check the full effect pulling out each hair will have. I’m probably way paranoid, but if I’m gonna change the shape of one section, I’ll make sure each hair, or at least each hair of that bit, isn’t gonna mess up my eyebrows in another area. It can create gaps in your eyebrows or make the shape completely wrong. If this does happen, don’t stress it too much- remember it’ll always grow back, and in the mean time you can always fill it in.

Filling in: It isn’t for everyone; some people prefer to go au naturel, but us ladies with naturally sparse eyebrows, or just a thirst for thicker, more defined brows gotta do something. Seriously, without filling my eyebrows in, I have pretty much nothing visible beyond the arch. We’re not entirely sure I’m not part-vulcan. There are tons of different things to use- eyebrow pencils, gels, even waxes- and it’s all about finding what’s best for you. Pencils work best for natural, subtle fixes or filling in certain areas, and gels often work best if you want to add anything extra to the shape, or make your eyebrows darker. I use Benefit’s brow-zings, which is a palette with a wax and a setting powder, which is good for general filling in and slight shaping, but could be used thicker too. Eyebrow kits usually come in a whole range of colours, and try to get the one closest to your natural brow colour, because it’s more likely to match your skin tone. If you’re considering getting one darker to make your eyebrows more obvious, be sure that you really want the colour of your eyebrows to be darker, not just to make the hair seem thicker, and therefore more obvious.

Pay attention: Seriously. You decide to slightly neaten your eyebrows while marathoning Orange Is The New Black, but as you tweeze away happily you get distracted by [spoiler] happening, and end up pulling out the wrong hair, monumentally ruining your eyebrows. It happens ok, don’t think it can’t happen to you. If you’re doing your eyebrows, focus on them. You might miss a dramatic part of a show, but hey, that you can rewind.

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