Gold Medal: Emma

By Amy


Emma is one of the coolest gals I have ever met, and I’m super lucky because she goes to my school. We became friends because of two people, Wes Anderson and our English teacher. One media lesson I heard her talking about Wes Anderson to her friends and I whispered to my friend “OMG Emma just mentioned Wes Anderson, she’s so cool ahh.” The rest of the day I was debating whether or not I should start a conversation about Wes with her because I already had a friend crush on her and this made me want to be her friend even more. In our last class of the day I finally (after thinking it over for about 30 minutes) asked her if she had been talking about Wes Anderson and then we had a great conversation about his films. A few weeks later both our partners in English were out of class so our teacher put us together and we really hit it off and started talking about Sofia Coppola (because she was writing an essay based off Cecilia of The Virgin Suicides). That night she asked me about a film on Facebook and we talked for hours about all our interests and stuff, and it was so great, especially when she mentioned that she was a feminist (a seemingly rare species at my school). Being in different friendship groups we don’t hang out at breaks and stuff but we talk in classes and online very frequently and it’s so great. Emma is wonderful and I don’t think I’d be wrong to say that basically everyone at our school likes her and wants to be her friend. She has the cutest style and we are truly soul sisters. We share a love of Vampire Weekend, our French tutor and OITNB and she is also the only person at school apart from my BFFs that knows about PCP because she’s the only person cool enough to read it. Em, you are a total babe and I’m so glad we became pals. I live for our feminist rants and I hope we are friends forever, love ya! Make sure you hit her up on Twitter and Instagram!

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