My Happy Place

To wrap up this month’s theme, SHELTER, a few of the Pop Culture Puke girls are showing you their personalized shelters: their rooms.  


I’ve been taping pictures to my walls for over three years and it’s still my very favourite thing to do. I first decided to decorate my room this way in Grade 8 when I was obsessed with a vlogger who had a wall decorated this way. At the beginning it was mostly stickers from field trips, or pages with my favourite Harry Potter quotes on them. As I’ve changed, so has my wall. Now it’s mostly pictures from camp, collages I’ve made for Pop Culture Puke, and pictures of Beyonce and Jay Z. -Rachel D


My room is the only place on this earth that I can say is MINE. It’s way too small with way too much furniture in a claustrophobic rather than cozy way and it is impossible to cool down in the summer or warm up in the winter, but it’s mine nonetheless. I’ve tried to de-clutter and simplify it dozens of times, but I can’t help adding posters and pictures on the walls and rabbit knick-knacks on my shelves. I’m a compulsive hoarder and lose something at least once a week on my desk. But, at the end of the day, it’s the most comforting place in the world for me to curl up and go to sleep in at night. – Summer


My room is where I spend a large percent of my time so I am constantly finding new ways to make it feel even more like my own little cove that reflects me and my interests. I am really obsessed with my new bed which is tucked away in the corner on the floor and I also love the duvet. Beds are great, aren’t they? I especially love floor beds, which is why I chose mine. My walls are really the best opportunity to express myself and as you can see, they are pretty full. I have a cute variety of photos I’ve taken, magazine clippings, concert tickets and set lists. I pride myself in my walls and have spent a lot of time perfecting angles of pictures and what not. -Amy


i am very, very introverted. i’m almost teetering on the edge of agoraphobia. if i’m outside, in public, in a hellscape like “the mall”, it’s a big deal for me. but the only place where i feel totally comfortable is my bedroom (i just put on “in my room” by the beach boys for inspo, oy). anyway, my walls are covered in band and movie posters, instruments, flyers, pictures of people i admire, drawings from friends, and random shit from party city. i also have ticket stubs from movies, plays, train rides, and concerts. some people keep diaries, but i like allowing my bedroom to be a busy, museum-like attraction on the rare occasion i let someone inside. my favorite thing i own is a toss-up between a vinyl boxset of every woodstock performance and a framed picture of jesus that says “stay gucci” that i bought at a thrift store in little haiti.  -Taylor

white-background-ctdynlc4-3I’ve lived in this bedroom for a decade, and people still cannot get used to the idea that I own a bunk-bed. During this decade I have become an accumulator of ‘stuff’, not necessarily ‘important’ things but random objects like a toy car my teacher gave me when I left school, a lamb skull I found on a hill and anything Spider-Man related I can get my hands on. Some of this ‘stuff’ has turned into proper collections, my dvds being the most notable (and meticulously arranged believe it or not). I collect cameras, cd’s, books, perfume bottles, wristbands from parties, gig/cinema tickets and all sorts. People think it’s a bit ridiculous but prefer bedrooms to be a window into someone’s personality, rather than a blank canvas. Currently I am trying my best to ignore the question of what I will/won’t be able to take to uni, which I am not ready to face. -Chloë


Honestly, I’m at my happiest when I’m constructing some elaborate bookshelf configuration or wall collage alone in my room in the middle of the night. I would do it all the time, except usually I can’t bring myself to take down all my stuff and reassemble it into a different configuration because I’m ridiculously sentimental. I love finding things that look good next to each other and spending my time making sure everything is arranged perfectly the way I want it. Here are some of my favorite areas in my room, current and past. The only downside is that I like to decorate with some of my favorite things and therefore almost never use them. I’ve worn the pizza ring that is currently displayed on my bookshelf like twice. -Kathryn

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