Finding Shelter In Yeezus

By Krystal

Kanye West inspired motivational musings.  

When it all falls down and things aren’t so amazing, when you feel like you want to run away from all of the lights.

I’ve got two words for you, don’t stop. Say you will, because the damage is done but we can start brand new and leave it all behind us. 

No you’re not paranoid, no you’re not out of your mind, you just want to be stronger, live the good life but for now breathe in breathe out.

People will always try to knock you down or make you feel self-conscious. 

You’ve heard em’ say that you wouldn’t get far.

Now, you could let these dream killers kill your self-esteem or use your whole life as the steam to power your big dreams.

Let them go. Get that negativity outta here because you’re not heartless and cold.



Take it one day at a time, try that new workout plan or listen to some slow jams.

You may feel lost in the world but just remember we’re rooting for you because you’re trying to get by.

I gotta love how you keep going, though you’ve gotten so used to bad news.

Because life comes with complications but one day you’ll be a champion.

Just keep holding on till you get to that day when you can call your mother up like “hey mama you’ll never believe this but, I met oprah.

Don’t be scared of those flashing lights because bb this is your homecoming.

You’re bound 2 live a hell of a life.



See, you’re doing fine. You’re changing lanes and going back to basics.

Now you’re walking on the moon and life feels like you’re living a movie.

Hold on until it’s your time, so when they asked how you did it, you can say “I did it before”

It’s over. Tell it to the world. Do you feel the joy? 

Ayyy girl(s). Stand up and stay up. We major.



One day you’ll get your mom those diamonds from sierra leone.



Songs used: swaga like us,  love lockdown, we alright, run this town, ayyy girl, monster, gotta have it, mercy, new good flow, clique, birthday song, blame game, , spaceship, forever, get by remix, hurricane 2.0 , buy you a drank remix , ego,  gone  , gorgeous, guilt trip, on sight, so appalled, to the world, the joy, arguments, calling, classic, certified gangsta , encore, family business, finer things, gifted, glory, good morning, good night, half price, I see now, im the ish, improvise, in the mood, its alright, kanye speaks, jigga my nigga, kicks open doors, like a movie , like this, livin’ in a movie, lonely people, love you better than you love yourself. Naaw, number one, orientation, overreact, peace, stand up n stay up, take it as a loss, the food, they say, this way, walking on the moon, we major, what it is, weekly shit, wow, yeah, years ago, you, you know, young folks It’s alright.

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