Girl Crush: Mae Whitman

By Taylor


I know, I know. You’re probably asking “Her?” Yes, Jennifer Lawrence is funny and Rihanna is the coolest, but Mae Whitman is my #1 “Girl-I’d-Leave-My-Boyfriend-For” girl crush.

One of the reasons I love Mae so much is because we have a history. My unwavering love for her dates back to 2001. My favorite show at the time was State of Grace, which was about a Jewish girl named Hannah growing up in the 1960’s. Hannah’s best friend was played by bb Mae. This is only the first of several instances in which I wanted to be Mae’s Jewish best friend. She was also the daughter in Independence Day (you probably just went OOOH TRU). I feel like I grew up with this girl.

I discovered Arrested Development in high school (as did you, probably). Mae played Ann Veal, George Michael’s love interest. While forgettable, she delivered this memorable line (which, surprisingly, is a pick-up line that once worked on me on Tinder):


She was in a Masters of Sex episode for literally 30 seconds this season and I squealed so loud my roommate asked me if I was okay. And PARENTHOOD, oh my god. Such an under-watched show. I play this drinking game whenever I watch it but instead of drinking I literally just cry whenever Mae cries. Why she hasn’t been nominated for an Emmy is beyond me.

crying compilation!

She was also in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Perks of Being a Wallflower. While these are two very well-known films, Mae has managed to become an embarrassingly underused actress. I’m not sure why nobody else has caught on yet and I AM HERE TO CONVINCE U WHY SHE IS SO SWOON-WORTHY.

Here are other reasons to love Mae:

1. She’s roommates with Miles Heizer. Like they’re friends. Like she gets to see his face. Daily.

2. She’s also friends with Rachel Antonoff, Alia Shawkat, and Lena Dunham.

3. She can sing and play guitar.

4. She is just like us. Except she actually gets responses from @arze.


5. SHE IS THE NICEST PERSON ON EARTH. 1:22 to the end kills me every time.

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