Living It: America

By Amy
In April I embarked on the trip of a lifetime to America (I’m from England) where I was going to be meeting lots of amazing people and doing lots of amazing things. These photos are just some of the moments I wish to never forget.
This is me being a total tourist in Times Square the day we arrived after a grueling eight hour flight (+ two hours sitting on a stationary plane because of a problem).
In a day out in SoHo me and my sis posed in this Urban Outfitters photo booth and I (nearly) cried over the amazing records that they had in stock but I couldn’t possibly buy them and bring them on the plane back. I also bought two copies of “I Think I am In Friend Love with You” by the wonderful Yumi Sakugawa; one for me and one for my BFF that I was soon to meet.
One day I persuaded my parents to let me meet my pals Sarah and Bex in Central Park and I was super excited for the whole day. After struggling to find Belvedere Castle in CP, we eventually got there and I awaited my pals nervously. They soon showed up and I was freaking out and we went for a walk around the park and scouted out strangers to take a polaroid of us. I had an awesome time and they were the first internet friends I ever met so they will forever have a place in my heart.
We went to MoMA and it was so nice and I really enjoyed it. There was this cool film playing where an artist had set up this big chain of things that would move in some way and would have a domino effect but with all sorts of objects and the room where they were showing it was filled with people sitting on the floor watching with complete concentration. The atmosphere was lovely, all these strangers sitting in silent awe. My sister took this picture of me.
Me and my family took a train down to a cute suburb in New Jersey where we were meeting Jess, my best friend of 3 years who I met through Instagram comments, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!! I was so excited and when their car pulled up to us, Jess ran out and into my arms and we hugged for a long time. She cried and I was in disbelief.
The next few days were possibly the most amazing days I have ever experienced. I was so happy to be with Jess’ family who I love to bits and are like family to me. I went to Jess’ small middle school (she’s in 8th grade) and her friends were all so welcoming and it was crazily different from my English high school. One of my highlights of staying with her was a really emotional talk we had while we were waiting in the car for her mom and brother about life, death, the future, space and science. I honestly can’t even put into words how much fun I had and it was most definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had.
On my last day with Jess, we  went to Yankee Stadium with our fathers for the Yankees v Red Sox game. We had super cool seats with free drinks and stuff and it was so exciting. The next morning mine and Jess’ families had breakfast together and then they left for Puerto Rico and I was nearly sobbing when we said our goodbyes.
Next was Boston, where we stayed for 5 nights. I fell in love with the city and am definitely considering it as a future home. It was freezing but we stuck it out (wearing 5+ layers) and explored most parts of the city and took a train to a beautiful town called Jamaica Plain.
We then headed back to Newark to catch a flight home and normal life began again. I will never forget the times I had and I am eternally thankful to my parents and all the other people who made it so wonderful (shoutout to the kind and smiley till cashier at The Food Emporium near Times Square, you made my day).


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  1. Amy, I think it’s fantastic you got meet Jess in person after having met each other years ago online; what a wonderful opportunity, and an absolute once-in-a-lifetime moment. Sounds like you had a super-fab trip!

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