We Need To Talk About Leslie Knope

By Virginia, Kathryn, and Amy


Ah, Leslie Knope. How can I even begin to describe my love for you? For starters, YOU are the person- living/dead/fictional- that I would want to eat lunch with. Although it would probably be breakfast since we would be eating waffles…That’s right, I have selected you over other idols of mine, like Michael Cera, James Taylor, and Sofia Coppola.

Leslie Knope is my hero. She embodies all the things I want to be and more. I want to be her best friend, sister and daughter all at once because it’d be a joy to be any of those things. Her friendship with Ann is the loveliest thing ever, and I imagine she would be a super cool mother or sister that would always have your back and teach you interesting and important things.

There were times last semester where Leslie Knope was my only inspiration to get out of bed in the morning. I mean, there isn’t anything really more inspiring than a woman who can lead a 3 hour long filibuster, in roller skates and overalls, while she has to pee. Leslie never accepts- dare I say it- “nope”, for an answer (I couldn’t stop myself). It is her sheer determination and perseverance that have compelled me to spread the word about how wonderful and perfect she is. Sometimes, I lose faith in society. Sometimes, I want to drop out of college and see if I could just make money off of the concept of Fleetwood Mac and Cheese. But then I watch Parks and Recreation, watch Leslie Knope keep on keeping on, and I am reminded that there is good in the world and it has taken form in Leslie Knope.

Leslie has a huge heart and she is willing to fight for what she truly believes in even if it will get her in a mess and I think we can all take notes from her. It’s uplifting to watch her channel her energy into Pawnee and its citizens, and I have never finished an episode of Parks and Rec without a huge smile on my face. I admire her passion for breakfast foods, as I also share an intense passion for breakfast foods and truly believe they deserve more recognition. Practically nothing can knock her down, and she never wants to give up. She would be a kick-ass life coach/personal trainer because there would be no stopping me once Leslie Frickin’ Knope had told me to do something. All her co-workers dig her, even if some *cough* April *cough* seem less reluctant to admit it, and she is the glue that hold the Parks Department together. Her self-confidence is also very admirable as she’s not ashamed or afraid to admit that she thinks she rocks- and she sure does! The message of self-love and self-belief is an important one that is kind of avoided in most things but Leslie reinforces it in a wonderful way.

I believe that instead of putting so much media attention on females who are getting divorces, getting plastic surgery, or getting into detrimental trouble, we need to shed more light on Leslie Knope. Yes, I am aware that she is simply a fictional character on a TV show but, I see the positive message she expresses in Parks and Recreation, and I also see the change she inspires me to make. Here’s to you, Leslie- you make me believe that literally (Chris Traeger voice) anything is possible. Who couldn’t love that face?

Because we have a staggering shortage of television shows centered around people who actually CARE about things, Leslie Knope is a breath of fresh air, gracing our televisions and laptop screens alike. She is the end-all, be-all of productivity inspo. Leslie Knope…how can I describe Leslie Knope? Leslie Knope is whipped cream personified. She is a feminist warrior, a boss ass bitch, and–dare I say it–the backbone of our nation. These may seem like large shoes for a fictional character to fill, but Leslie fills them with ease. And they are the kind of shoes that are both sensible and classy. The kind Meryl Streep would wear on a date. Leslie’s literal only flaw is that she sometimes cares too much. That’s it. That’s the only one. That’s what you lied about at your last job interview to make it seem like your weakness are actually positive. But don’t let this get you down; there’s a lil bit of Leslie inside all of us. You just need to feed her waffles frequently and let her shine through so that you, too, can become a boss ass bitch. LESLIE KNOPE 5EVR IN OUR HEART EMOJIS.

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