Ways To Pass Time On Public Transport

By Haley

Lately I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time on buses seeing as the Canadian winter makes it incredibly uncomfortable to walk anywhere. Although at times bus rides can be relaxing, thats not always the case. The bus is often boring, gross, and anxiety inducing so it can helpful to keep yourself distracted if you’re not that into being stuck in small, overcrowded spaces with a bunch of strangers.










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  1. Ha!

    This is awesome.

    I too spend a lot of time on Canadian buses. Today? It is snowing big, fluffy flakes.

    Soon Avril will come to defend us from this unexpected assault.

    No, not April.

    Avril Lavigne.

    I believe I did a post not too long ago called “Freaky Non-Fiction Friday” where I discussed what happened on the bus one morning. God, it was embarrassing.

  2. Seems like a nice idea, lately I have been riding the bus and walking to get everywhere. It’s hard but it’s something to get used to.

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