We Need To Talk About: “Off The Air” and Cara Delevigne

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Off the Air, a groundbreaking TV series on Adult Swim created by David Hughes, is my new favorite distraction. Unfortunately for my wellbeing, it is best viewed at 2:00 AM or later accompanied by half a dozen Insomnia Cookies. It gives me really weird dreams. Whatever. We really need to talk about it.

Simply put, Off the Air is mind-altering entertainment. There is no introduction, no explanation, no narration to what you’re watching except for direct, one-word episode titles such as “Light,” “Falling,” “Color,” “Body,” “Animals,” and “Nightmares.” Each ten minute installment is a collage of bizarre animations, surreal video clips, and psychedelic imagery blended together without pause into a single continuous presentation that is loosely based around one of these themes. The concept is simple, but the execution is genius, down to the seamless transitions between clips and the music that accompanies them. Every clip is rewatchable and fascinating. A handful of them are utterly hilarious. And somehow, they each refer back to the theme and subsequent title of the episode.

“Light,” for example, opens with a short film entitled Combustion by Renaud Halleé, an audiovisual composer who for this particular piece uses fire as the source of both his cinematic and musical material. This clip fades into a music video for an electronic song called “Natural Thing,” in which director Johan Ripjma layers a montage of the best cats EVER chasing a laser around a tiny white room. A couple minutes later, we are shown stunning footage of a man skiing in slow motion down a snowy mountain in the middle of the night; however, he is wearing a suit made entirely of tiny white LED light bulbs which illuminate the space around him, creating a hauntingly beautiful scene. The short film by Jacob Sutton is appropriately named Glowing Man.

So, the next time you find yourself awake during the wee hours of the morning and you’ve run out of your typical nocturnal entertainment, you know what to do. A few of my favorites are Light, Color, Space, and Dance. -Alex


We all know where we were when we found out; I was watching Safety Not Guaranteed on Netflix and scrolling through twitter, my friend Lucy was doing something whilst perusing Facebook. So maybe we shouldn’t need to talk about Cara Delevigne and Michelle Rodriguez’s still fairly recently announced relationship, as no one wants a spectacle to be made out of their relationships, I get it, ok, but it made me want to scream from the proverbial rooftops of every social networking site I have. As someone interested in fashion and the industry, as well as the media in general (you probably gathered that from the fact I write for a site that mentions pop culture in the name), it’s very exciting to be able to relate to such an icon within it, and there’s this warm, fuzzy feeling you get on the inside. It’s like a sudden, unexpected “you’re not alone”, in the least cheesy way possible. Cara “coming out”, in such a low-key, my relationships aren’t your business, way, as well as Ellen Page coming out so publically within the same week both deal with their celebrity and public status so well, and yet both still display confidence that could transfer into so many younger people. It’s a circle; seeing these influential people opening up can help other people to be more open, as well as helping to make different people more open-minded towards the idea, which may help even more influential people to feel confident enough to be open and inspire even more people. -Kirsty

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