Girl Crush: Mindy Kaling

By Ali

Drawing by Haley
Drawing by Haley

Many of you may be familiar with Mindy Kaling for her role as Kelly from The Office or more recently for her role as Mindy on the Mindy Project. If not, allow me to refresh your memory with some of her classic TV moments.

Not only is Mindy super cute and funny on TV, her twitter feed is nothing short of perfection. Mindy is literally me 24/7 ALL THE TIME. Mindy is me and I am Mindy.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 5.53.28 PM


Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 5.53.59 PM


Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 5.55.47 PM

Other than Mindy being an extremely talented and smart woman, she provides a positive example for females trying to make it in the entertainment industry and furthermore, a million reasons to love and admire her. Kaling speaks openly and honestly about being an Indian woman in the industry. Her refreshing honesty about misrepresentation in Hollywood is extremely important and enlightening. Mindy’s ability to be so truthful and cool about such taboo subjects only makes me love her more. Mindy is unapologetically girly and provides a really awesome body positive message for other teen girls. Staying true to herself and her body is evidently important to her and is especially refreshing to the thousands of females viewers, just like me, who have a role model and person to look up to that they can relate to.

Mindy Kaling is truly a beautiful angel princess who makes me feel like being myself is OK and that regardless of gender, and race you can prove yourself to anyone. There is probably nothing else that would make me happier than being BFFs with Mindy for a day and getting manicures and smoothies at some expensive spa in California. She plays such an important, strong female role in television today and has worked her butt off to get there which only makes me love and respect her more. Mindy is the realest girl out here and deserves all the recognition and love she can get!


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