Don’t Look At Me

By Rachel H

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 12.34.31 PM

I think if someone were to walk over to me and try to saw my two personalities in half, they would have no problem. I’m not some nut job psycho freak per say, but I definitely battle through stages of loving attention via social media (and wearing fancy clothes and fancy things), and wanting to throw my phone out the window and delete all my internet presence forever (and wear black cargo pants and live in a warehouse). Sometimes, I really, really do not want people to know who I am. Sometimes I hide my iphone in my shoe and when I go out, I get this weird freeing sensation from the solitude. No one can contact me. And I like that. There’s just something holding me back from completely getting rid of everything. Permanently deleting my internet life. I think it has to do with loving all of the notifications. I like compliments! I like attention! I like making people (or just myself) laugh! It bugs me that that is what keeps me from deleting my online crap. I guess I just have to work up the courage…or something.

Anyways, here are some random, hungover selfies I just took. Maybe I can’t delete my internet presence because I am a natural performer (am I? I think I made that up), I am constantly self-critical and exploring new ideas (not negatively, no self-consciously, and not intelligently), and I can control everything I post. I like that too. It’s like making a Sim… Actually I think that is too far and I should think about that a little more.

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 12.34.42 PM

This is me and my sweet bicep. Also, I just got a hair cut. I love my soft hair. Except it sorta looks glued to my head lol. I’ve never posed like that in my life so that’s sort of interesting.

 Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 12.34.47 PM

This is my second phone. Used when I hide my iPhone but still need to call a cab or a friend late at night.

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 12.35.00 PM

This is what I look like when I’ve been hungover for 24 hours, after eating  a sweet ass good lunch. I think I was thinking about writing this post in this pic. I am not smiling cause my head is killing me. I got a concussion a few weeks ago from fainting three times at a concert after smoking something from a Jamaican commune and I didn’t do anything about it. So dumb.

This is who I am. These are the last selfies you may ever see.

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