Quiz + Playlist: Next Friday Night

Why are you free on a friday night?

  • A. I hate everyone
  • B. I planned some alone time
  • C. My plans bailed on me at the last minute
  • D. I have a really long day tomorrow

What does your perfect day entail?

  • A. Lots of alone time, like going to a museum or a coffee shop
  • B. Something fun-filled with friends, like shopping, going out to dinner, a party
  • C. Staying at home, resting in bed for a while, making a nice big meal, hanging out with the dog
  • D. Relaxing, going to the spa or the beach

What’s the most annoying thing a restaurant can do?

  • A. Waiters and waitresses that check on you every minute
  • B. Offer bland food
  • C. Not offer delivery
  • D. Take too long

What’s your favorite twitter account?

  • A. I don’t have a twitter
  • B. Ellen DeGeneres
  • C. Buzzfeed
  • D. Pop Culture Puke’s, obviously!

Your favorite show is:

  • A. House of Cards
  • B. Any reality show
  • C. Parks & Rec
  • D. I don’t watch TV

What’s your favorite color?

  • A. Black
  • B. I prefer patterns
  • C. Blue
  • D. Purple

How often are you free on friday nights?

  • A. Always
  • B. Every so often
  • C. About once a month
  • D. Never

All A’s- Have a dance party with yourself! 

Maybe you hate people or you just like to be alone.  You don’t mind leaving the house but you really prefer spend on your own. When friday rolls around and you find yourself without any plans, try having a dance party by yourself. It’s a good way to lift your spirits and practice your signature moves.  Other options include reading old PCP articles and baking cookies.

All B’s- Start a youtube channel!

You’re the type of person who likes excitement in your life.  You know when you need some alone time but usually your schedule has lots of social events.  Next time you’re plan-less on a friday, try starting a youtube channel or even a blog. Talk about your life, your favorite hobby, whatever you think is interesting. Another option would be to plan your next big adventure, whether it’s a road trip to the next town over or a big trip around the world. A girl can dream.

All C’s- Binge-watch Netflix.

You’re a bit of a homebody! Your friends can usually talk you into going out with them but at the end of the day you really just want to be curled up on the couch, having a TV marathon. So why not have one? Next time you’re alone on a friday night, pop some popcorn and do what comes naturally.  Some other options you might enjoy would be to go out and see a movie by yourself to get yourself out of the house or do some DIY projects.

All D’s- Paint your toenails and go to bed early

You’re such a busy bee.  Between everything you have going on in your life, you hardly have time for yourself.  For whatever reason, you’re spending a night alone and it sounds like you need it.  My advice for you would be to relax. Paint your nails or DIY a facial and go to bed early. Other options would be to do a puzzle or download the latest Top Charting game app.

Quiz by Katy, Playlist by Chloe

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