My 5 Favourite Artists On Tumblr

By Haley

Tumblr is a great way to find original art by young, developing artists. Here are my 5 favourite artists on Tumblr:


tumblr_mufgk5yGBD1s04705o1_1280I’ve followed Maxine for awhile and its been real watching her do her thing and evolve her style to where it is today. Everything she does is super amazing and the fact that she is the same age as me and so skilled is majorly inspiring/makes me wonder what the heck I’m doing with my time. I always get a lil’ rush of excitement when I see that Maxine’s posted something new because whether it’s a cute illustration, or a portrait of America’s finest actor/director Steve Buscemi, her work never ceases to amaze me.


1798444_440824062716481_441343139_nEverything about Juli’s work makes me so happy. I can’t help but wish that everything in the world was as dreamy and adorable as the pieces she creates. I’m super obsessed with every single one of her ceramic pieces (one of my favourites being the sculpture of a girl peeing that is pictured above). I had a very vivid dream last week about these little guys coming to life and building a house for me (you know its effective art when it infiltrates your subconscious). Juli’s work has seriously inspired me, to the point that at this very moment I have a tab open in my browser looking up beginner ceramics classes in my area.


1653420_440823159383238_912526777_nTammy’s art is probably the cutest body of work I’ve ever seen. I’m so in love with all of her illustrations, I could look through her blog for hours (and have on multiple occasions actually). Her art has this way of making you feel all warm and cheery on the inside while simultaneously being incredibly imaginative and personal. One of my favourite aspects of Tammy’s work is the large amount of plants, and wildlife she puts into all her works. I’m totally obsessed with her watercolour paintings as well. Basically every aspect of Tammy’s art is fantastic and I’m very happy that she shares it with us through her blog!


tumblr_mlmv2eX6fA1qh1ws8o1_1280I’ve been enamored with Valarie’s work ever since I first saw one of her sketchbook pages. Her use of bright colours and contrast is what I love most about her style. Basically I am completely in awe of everything she produces. Her skill for drawing people and creating characters is incredible, and the way she is able to portray so much emotion in her pieces is what impresses me the most. One of my favourite aspects of Valerie’s blog is the animations and gifs she creates. It’s cool to see her illustrations come to life in that way. In simplest terms, Valerie’s work is really, REALLY cool and I’m so glad she posts it for us to soak in and enjoy!


tumblr_mvq1e4Z8Ai1qkgmfvo1_1280Carla’s work can be described as nothing short of whimsical. I am 100% in love with every single one of her illustrations. The delicateness of her style paired with the vivid colours she uses in her drawings come together to make pieces that are truly incredible and imaginative. She has an amazing eye for detail. The world Carla creates through her art is magical, and exciting and somewhere I totally wish I could dive into and hang around in for a little while.

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