Girl Crush: Grimes

By Sarah Ma


When you type “is grimes” into Google, the second suggestion is “is grimes a witch,” which somehow does not throw me off at all, as I know exactly where everyone is coming from. Grimes’ indie pop/experimental tunez make me feel like I’m in a dream, and with an aesthetic I recently described to a friend as “cyber fairy princess,” I don’t find the idea that Grimes may have some magical elements within her to be very far fetched.

I first stumbled across Grimes in early 2012 on Tumblr when the Internet was going wild over her then-recently released album, Visions, and was immediately smitten by her angelic voice (which I have time and time again tried to replicate whilst singing in the shower, to no avail). Upon further research, I discovered her carefully curated internet presence, which, of course, as a Cool Hip Internet-Savvy Teen, drew me in immediately. She is most active on Tumblr, where she blogs about social issues such as misogyny in the music industry and animal rights alongside reblogging gifs from Studio Ghibli films and pics of cute animals; not to mention, when you go on her blog, an “Adult Cat Finder” will immediately pop up, and a “Local Cat” will attempt to woo your affections with incessant meowing. She is also fairly active on Twitter (@Grimezsz), where she gives us many thoughtful anecdotes such as “When I first heard the word ‘boo’ being used as a term of endearment I thought it’s a reference to Mario” and “If you eat excessive amounts of garlic and then drink lots of coffee you can simulate the taste of a pickle.”

Grimes is also captivating on a visual level, and is my aesthetic goal, her look is super unique. She seems to sport a different hair color every few months, and her clothes pull inspiration from Harajuku fashion as well as having some grungier elements, which sounds like a strange mix, but somehow this Canadian princess pulls it off perfectly. Her aesthetic especially comes through in her music videos, which are usually self-directed and have amazing, captivating visuals that enhance her music. At her live shows she tinkers around on stage alone with numerous keyboards, jamming about and singing.

Grimes grew up in Vancouver and started experimenting with music when she was in college at McGill University, where she was studying Neuroscience, when she became involved with the underground music scene. She is known to be close pals with mega cool electronic musicians Blood Diamonds and Unicorn Kid, both of whom she has made music with (she released an EP with Blood Diamonds titled “Phone Sex” in 2012). In her spare time, Grimes also creates art, which she has previously exhibited in New York, and which notably can be found on the covers of her albums Visions and Geidi Primes.

In conclusion, Grimes is an angel put on earth to bless us all with her ethereal music and is probably one of the coolest girls on the planet. I leave you with a word of wisdom straight from the queen herself:

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