DIY: Zebra Cookies

By Charlotte R

Drawing by Charlotte S

Any place with food, so pretty much every place, all have the potential of hurting me – throat closing, eyes swelling, tongue itchy type of hurting. My friends think I’m allergic “to everything” and that “it must be so hard,” but truthfully, I’m so used to being super conscientious that I don’t realize any struggle. I’m severely allergic to peanuts and salmon and not severely allergic to tree nuts, legumes (soy), most other fish, cats, some dogs and like plants and shit. I’ve never had a reaction and my EpiPen is legit this badass needle I carry with me everywhere. People think it’s weird when I say I don’t really have a connection to food, even weirder because I’m Jewish and all our holidays center around food, but I really don’t have such serious, passionate relationships with food (except watermelon sour patch kids).

I’m writing about this for the homemade theme because my allergies, especially to most baked goods, have sparked my hobby of baking. I don’t really get jealous that I can’t eat certain things because I know I can go home and make it myself. This has helped me feel less excluded because it has allowed me to relate to others, just in a different way. Being more flexible and able to adapt and change situations that make me uncomfortable has been something very valuable in my life. I can never outgrow most of my allergies given they are so severe, but I don’t mind because I’ve accepted them and accepted the experiences I have with food/food related events due to them.

I bring homemade snacks when on sleepovers and I make my siblings eat anything I experimentally create. My signature cookies are zebra cookies and I can whip them out in no time. This is a really great recipe to impress friends, boys, yourself and basically anyone else worth your time, effort and overall killer baking/instruction following skills.

Ingredients and Directions:
• 1/2 cup canola oil
• 2 cups sugar
• 2 cups flour
• 1 cup cocoa
• 2 large eggs
• 1 tsp. vanilla
• 2 tsp. baking powder
• Confectioner’s sugar (at least 1 1/2 cups)

1. Place all ingredients in the bowl and mix 2-3 minutes by hand or on medium speed with an electric mixer.
I like to place the batter in the fridge so it is easier to handle and roll into balls. Also, if you’re a batter eating type of person – the batter is so much better cold.
2. Form balls with approx 1 1/2 tsp. of batter.
Sometimes I make them bigger than this size because then they are smooshier, gooier cookies.
3. Roll generously in confectioner’s sugar
4. Place on parchment paper on a cookie sheet, or on greased cookie sheet.
5. Place in preheated 350° oven for 8-10 minutes.
6. Let cookies cool to harden and then eat them! yay!

From Kosher by Design: Short on Time by Susie Fishbein



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