The Best Item In My Closet

By Alex and Jane M.


Alex: My favorite item in my closet is something that my mom threw away one day. I wandered into my parent’s bedroom as she was cleaning out her own closet, and she knowingly told me that I could look through the castaways once she was finished. To my horror/delight, in the trash bag I found a pair of chunky heeled ankle boots, hardly damaged other than a few scuffs. They were PERFECT and I NEEDED them. They’re a dark, dark brown, so dark that they look black unless they’re in the right light, and a small, black strip of leather circles the shoe and buckles at the ankle. The heel is just thick enough that it doesn’t hurt my feet to wear them all day every day, but just tall enough that I still get the internal satisfaction of wearing heels. I can dress them down and wear them to class with black jeans and a giant sweater, and they’re also easy to glam up on weekends with tights and a dress. I absolutely hate wearing high heels out more than anyone else I know, so these shoes are the perfect way to look like I kind of care about looking good for whatever thing my friends and I are going to when I actually don’t at all. And isn’t that really all that we’re looking for in any article of clothing ever?


Jane M: THRIFTED LU FLUX BEAR DRESS: This dress is my new crush, but this feels like more than a crush. It feels like a serious, committed relationship that will last forever and no one will ever come between us. Things are moving very quickly for us. I got this bear dress just a few weeks ago from Fox and Fawn, an amazing thrift store in Bushwick. Side note: I bought it via Instagram because I am millennial hear me roar. It was made by the lustworthy, crazy cute British brand Lu Flux, and I literally cannot thank them enough. It is my glass slipper; it is probably one of the best-fitting things in my closet. The bear’s face is embroidered, and his little bb ears are leather. 98% of the time I pair it with my Air Force Ones, because Air Force Ones are my lifeblood. I wear it over long sleeve striped tees and sheer tops, and his face peeps out from underneath sweaters and coats during this cruel winter. People give me the best looks when I wear da bear because they can usually only see his nose or something if I’m outside. Whatever. One day last week I apparently fell asleep while wearing it and when I woke up I was instantly happy. Whatever. It was really nice. I can’t wait to pair it with other things during the warmer months, because this dress is 100% a year-round thing. Together forever. Don’t ever leave me alone. PS: I feel really, really shitty for not writing about my beloved Air Force Ones. Next time, you two. We’re all in this together.

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