Quiz + Playlist: In The Shoes of Juno MacGuff

By Rachel D. and Ali


Find out which character from Juno (2007) you are most like by just adding up the points for each of your answers!

1. When someone is found in the mall fountain yelling “I am the kraken of the sea,” where are you?

  • a) In the fountain (1 point)
  • b) Working in the nail salon (2 points)
  • c) Picking between two shades of yellow paint (3 points)
  • d) At cheer practice (4 points)

2. What is your partner passionate about?

  • a) Heating and air conditioning (2 points)
  • b) Orange tic tacs (1 point)
  • c) Teaching (4 points)
  • d) Music (3 points)

3. What’s your favourite hobby?

  • a) Playing guitar (1 point)
  • b) Organizing (3 points)
  • c) Watching old Clinton debates (4 points)
  • d) Cutting out pictures of pomeranian dogs (2 points)

4. Where would you prefer to go on vacation?

  • a) Cabo (4 points)
  • b) Gettysburg (1 point)
  • c) Paris (3 points)
  • d) Anywhere on a cruise ship (2 points)

5. Your preferred article of clothing is…

  • a) A sweater vest (3 points)
  • b) A zip up sweater (1 point)
  • c) A turtleneck (2 points)
  • d) A v-neck (4 points)

If your total is between 5 and 8 you are most like… Juno MacGuff.

If your total is between 9 and 13 you are most like… Bren MacGuff (Juno’s stepmother).

If your total is between 14 and 17 you are most like… Vanessa (the adoptive mother).

If your total is between 18 and 20 you are most like… Leah (Juno’s best friend).

Quiz by Rachel and playlist by Ali.

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