Network Fame

By Scarlett

Collage by Rachel D
Collage by Rachel D

The concept of fame has morphed into something completely different than what it previously was. Social media has a huge role in this, of course. With things like Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter and even Vine, you can now show off what you think you’re good at to the world in a quicker, and dare I say, more efficient way. All you can do is post and pray it’s good enough for multiple bored internet surfing souls to come across it one day. Oh, and share it with their friends. And cousins. And aunts. And grandmas. Before you know it you’ve become the internet’s definition of famous. Which is pretty darn cool and quite hard to achieve.

Years ago, you couldn’t have your talents seen by other people this easily, making our generation pretty fortunate. “When I was a kid my friend would have to go and hand out demos door to door to all the big studio people, we didn’t have all that fancy internet stuff you have today.” You can hear my grandpa saying every time I show him a Youtube video or even a new song I discovered. Building any sort of following or getting any recognition was an achievement all in its self back then.

Fame is defined as the condition of being known or talked about by many people, especially on account of notable achievements. Let’s talk about the “being talked about by many people” aspect of that definition, also known as promotion. Promotion is HUGELY important to the whole being famous thing. It’s way easier to do now because of because of how easy it is to share on the internet. Hanging up posters in random places for a gig or show turned into tweeting about it, and this reaches everyone you know (or possibly people you don’t know). Ambushing innocent pedestrians to take a demo of your music to posting free downloads of your music on SoundCloud. Interacting with fans has also changed a whole lot. Before, interacting with your favourite celebrity was more than just taking a selfie with them.

Although expressing yourself as a fan or sharing your work as an artist has changed over the years, the meaning behind fame has remained relatively the same. Lots of people love you, you have a reputation to maintain, and content to create. What’s most important is doing what you love, practicing regularly, and doing it well.


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