An Optimistic Fix (From a Pessimist)

By Kirsty

Picture by Jane
Picture by Jane

As a natural, arguably self-obsessed, pessimist there isn’t much I usually have the energy to talk about at great lengths- other than my teenage complaints. But regurgitated moaning gets boring, and there are some things and some moments I allow myself to get excited, if not hopeful, about now. Futuristic and new ideas, or old, previously disregarded ideas that up until recently would have been impossible, happening- it kills me to know there’s so much changing in everything and I can’t always be the first to know. So, without further ado, I present my personal list of things that make me ever so unusually optimistic about today- or, things to celebrate about now:

Science- Ok so I know science isn’t something everyone gets excited about regularly, and it isn’t exactly my favourite subject, but the incredible advancements in modern science are things I can allow myself to gush about occasionally. I mean a 3D food printer that can make pizza? Funded by NASA? That really puts to shame the sarcasm I’ve used so many times in saying “isn’t science amazing,” because, hello, PRINTED PIZZA. Japan is using MRI scans to read dreams. A Polish company called Leia (yes, named after the Star Wars princess- ultimate, beautiful geekery) are working on technology that works with laser projectors and clouds of water vapour to allow actual holographic video calls. I can almost smell Starfleet.

Netflix- Maybe not Netflix so much as just how accessible great movies and TV shows are these days. Whether you watch them legally, illegally, when they’re new out or years after the finale, on TV/at the cinema, or on DVD or sites like Netflix, it’s increasingly easy to find and watch whatever genre you’re in the mood for. If you watch a series religiously, or are sometimes just in the mood for it for a pick me up (or to sob your guts out if you pick as excruciatingly painful shows as me), it’s endlessly frustrating not being able to get the latest episodes, and it’s the same with new movies (my sister is still angry she missed the new Thor movie at the cinema). So I, for one, am very happy to be alive in a world where Netflix exists. Especially during school holidays.

Music: I’ll keep this general and not name any names of who I’m glad’s making music right now (she writes, listening to Vampire Weekend and wearing a Vampire Weekend shirt), but, similar to film, it’s so easy to discover new sounds nowadays- whether it’s through social networking sites, or support bands at gigs you went to, or old school ways like from a friend- there’s always far too many bands I’m listing to listen to more of when I can. And sure, maybe this has always been happening, but as well as being able to do it with newfound ease, with technology and sharing as it is today, there’s no commitment of having to buy a whole album before you know if you like more than one song. Music as an industry, in modern times, has much more opportunity to become even more creative, with new techniques and sounds thanks to new technology and equipment, and previously unthought of genre merges.

Internet Friends: Many parental and adult figures would probably find horror in this, but I’m super thankful for all my internet/twitter friends that I’ve made the past few years. It’s super cool that just going onto one website, I’ve been able to make so many good friends all over the world. And there’s the added bonus of getting to sound cultured by telling people something about my “friend from Bulgaria” or wherever. Not to mention the opportunities gained from it- if I hadn’t followed certain people on twitter I probably wouldn’t even know about PCP, let alone write for it. Having online friends means I still have people to talk to when my ridiculous sleeping pattern means everyone else would be asleep, or I can gush about certain interests without bugging people who’ve never even heard of my current obsession.

This list is definitely incomplete, there are many other things that I should be, and am thankful for in modern times, but I wanted to make this more of a personal, short list, so I can fully explain each point. And sure, I’m overindulging in online, similar ideas, but it’s sharing things that I enjoy, that I’m passionate about (at least on occasion), no matter how it sounds. We’re living in a “self-indulgent”, internet era, and I’m gonna take advantage of it sometimes. We have to get the reputation from somewhere.

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