What Your Favourite Show Says About You

By Katy

Who didn’t love those pre-teen celebrity gossip magazines with those quizzes in the back about what your favorite lip gloss/boy band/beanie baby/90s nonsense said about you? Well let’s take a updated trip down memory lane, light on nostalgia, high on this seasons best television, and see what your favorite show says about you!


 You’re at least somewhat into politics. You’ve told your friends to refer to you as a gladiator. B-613 is the most frightening letter/number combination you’ve ever heard and you’re jealous of Olivia Pope’s giant wine glasses. Scratch that, her life.



You might have an obsession with serial killers and are probably afraid of parking garages.  You’re a little grittier than Scandal-fans despite the shows similarities.


Grey’s Anatomy

 You’re stuck in the past because this show hasn’t been good for the last 3 seasons.


Parks and Recreation

You’ve chosen a best friend based on how similar they are to your favorite character.  You have annual Treat Yo Self days and you know that “give me all the bacon and eggs you have” does not mean “give me a lot of bacon and eggs”. You have very strong feelings about calzones.


Arrested Development

 You’re passive aggressive, sarcastic, and witty. You can perform your favorite chicken dance at a moments notice and know at least one word in Korean. You may or may not have had a love affair with an ice cream sandwich.


Downton Abbey

You’re one of those people who thinks they were born in the wrong generation. You connected with your grandparents in 2013 over a mutual love for this show. If you’re American, you can probably do a decent British accent. If you’re British, marry me.



You’re a strong, independent woman living in New York City who likes art and voicing her mind. Or at least you want to be.



You have a superstitious side. You have a high tolerance for gore and violence. If you went to Hogwarts you’d probably major in Defense of the Dark Arts.


Duck Dynasty

I’m fuckin done with you.


And if you love all of the first 8 shows, let’s be best friends.


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