The Old and The New

By Ali

Drawing by Haley
Drawing by Haley

For as long as I can remember I’ve been using some sort of technology. Whether it is phones or computers or even just watching television, technology has always been relevant to my life. I still remember buying my first Bratz walkman when I was 8 years old and how the concept of being able to listen to my favorite music whenever and wherever I wanted seemed so incredible to me.

Because of iPhones and laptops and the internet I’m able to be connected to my favorite things from the past, which would have been extremely more difficult in the past. What I personally find so rewarding about living in such a modern age is being able to access all the cool things of the past through the internet, like old music, movie, and television shows.  Without modern technology I would never have know about Jean Luc-Godard and his amazing movies, I’d never be able to listen to the first ever riot grrrl songs and I wouldn’t be able to revisit things such as old film and television shows as easily as I can online. I can also access and discover new books or music easier thorough websites that show recommendations based on your interests.

I’m extremely grateful that I can so easily reconnect with things from the past and be able to balance old and new in my life from day to day. Without the internet, I’d never be able to write for Pop Culture Puke and I would probably never have had the chance to meet such wonderful, strong, beautiful females off and online who have grown to become some of my closest friends. (Okay YES that was VERY cheesy but it’s true!!!) To me, the coolest part of being able to access old and new is being able to integrate them both into my life. I can draw inspiration from old film, books, music, and art and combine that with current trends which is important and cool to me.

Being able to access these things helps me discover what I’m truly interested in and provides a super awesome platform for a curious girl like me! As the internet and technology evolves it allows me to evolve with it and discover even more that regularly I would have never known about.

I recently purchased these really cute feminist pins on Etsy and even though they took WAY longer than they should have to come (smh Modern Girl Blitz  I’m calling you out!!!) I was really happy and excited when they did. I was able to buy something online that reflected my personality and my identity whereas regularly I would not be able to find them at my neighborhood corner store.

Every aspect of modern life has shaped and defined who I am as a person. Since technologies are always changing and adapting, I`m finding that I am too. I’m grateful for modern because it allows me to be everything I’ve always wanted to be; the perfect mix of old divorcee and a teenage girl that spends most her time on twitter.. It’s GREAT.

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