Snap Happy

By Jessica

Drawing by Tia
Drawing by Tia

Snapchat is probably one of the strangest things I do most days and that’s why for me it’s such an important piece of technology. It has become part of my everyday routine; sending videos and pictures (or adding them to ~my story) from the time I get up to the time I go to bed.

Sending and receiving these little files is strangely fun but in a way that I can’t truly explain because in theory it doesn’t really make much sense. I know Snapchat’s appeal comes from the time limit you can set on your photos/videos and that they disappear once the recipient has seen them. This fact is what has caused every news report on Snapchat to say it’s a horrible sexting app for teens (and maybe it is) but that’s not all it can be and it’s not what it is for me so I can’t speak of that aspect.

For me it’s mostly been used for selfies of when I’m depressed about working/feeling sick/eating something yummy/doing something fun/walking through a grocery store. Of course these snaps have been responded to (or not responded to at all if someone’s a grade A rude-o) with selfies of my friends looking depressed about working/doing something really fun/holding a puppy/walking through a grocery store/standing with a christmas tree.

My most frequent snapchat experiences or more accurately my Snapchat “best friends” are Summer, Rachel, and Juan Alvarez and they’re each very unique ~snap-relationships.

Number 1 Snapchat BFF is Summer and our friendship literally began there. We had tweeted back and forth a bunch of times I think but Snapchat is what really cemented our status as friends. When I finally met Summer in October of last year it was so incredibly strange (and wonderful) because she was this 3D-talking-living-breathing-adorable-person. The experience was so surreal i’ll probably never get over it or be able to accurately describe it to you. It totally changed the way I thought about Snapchat and what it adds to my life.

Number 2 Snapchat BFF is Rachel and it’s kind of a strange one because we sleep in the same house but most days one of is at work or at school and I miss her grouchy lil face. Actually though the majority of our snaps are sent when we’re in our house and most often when we’re sitting in the same room. I’m not really sure that Snapchat has added anything to our relationship other than allowing us to complain non-verbally about zits.

Number 3 Snapchat BFF is Juan Alvarez, a friend I met in 2008 at summer school in New Hampshire. He’s probably the most interesting person I snap because sometimes I get art galleries, and sometimes I get the Brooklyn bridge, and sometimes I get him in his family’s grocery. We often trade pictures about the weather which sounds really boring but actually isn’t. I know we have a lot of ways to keep in touch but Snapchat is the most fun because I can see/hear what he’s doing right at the very moment he sends and and he can see/hear exactly what I’m doing when I reply even though we’re in different countries.

These three people are all very important to me (and so are the other people I exchange snaps with) and the app itself has affected our relationships in different ways. Of course I realize that without Snapchat I would still actively be a friend/sister to each of these people but it’s just so much more fun than any other method of communication. Pretty much I definitely want to see 10 seconds or less of what you’re doing all day because your life is so interestingly different from what I’m doing at that same moment. Unless you’re Rachel and you’re sending me pictures of what we’re doing together but even then I enjoy it. So never leave us Snapchat, just please upgrade your security so hackers don’t expose all of our phone numbers to the entirety of the world wide web, thanks!

P.S. The big text update brought way too much joy to my life than it should have and I really just want to be able to change the colour of the text itself, hope you’re reading this Snapchat HQ xoxo

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