Life Images

By Kelsey

Collage by Rachel Davies
Collage by Rachel Davies

This year I’ve come to realize the importance of documentation in the form of photography. In other words,  I just really like to take pictures and to remember everything. I also realized how many events that I’ve failed to document. For instance, at the end of my brother’s graduation party, I realized we had taken only a few pictures of the entire event.  Also, when one of my friends was looking at some of my pictures of one of the only snow days we had a couple years ago, she said she wished she had taken pictures to remember that day. It made me upset to think of how many times I’ve let special memories go uncaptured and how bad it made me feel to know that I let something important to me go unnoticed.

Before Instagram and before the front-facing phone camera,  you didn’t see many  people  casually taking pictures of their Starbucks or snapping a quick picture of the sunset. I have a ton of the normal pictures of me and my friends, holidays, vacations, and the occasional old school selfie, (half of my face is usually cut off) boring, yet important pictures. Now that we have Instagram, it made me look at things differently and more creatively. I’ve grown to appreciate pictures of lattes much more, and I really appreciate pictures from all over the world.  Being a person who wants to travel, but rarely gets to, it’s so cool to see cities like New York and all the places people like to hangout. It’s also great to get to see my favorite celebrities on a more casual level as they live their everyday lives and share it with everyone. I feel like I’m best friends with Mindy Kaling just from getting a glimpse of her daily life!

Now it seems that almost every person I meet has a smart phone and I think it’s pretty cool how creative our culture has become by being so connected to each other through the internet. We have the ability to share our beliefs and convictions, promote social justice, and learn from people all over the world by way of pictures. You know, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t even dare call myself a “photographer” – not at all. I own a Nikon and some not-so-expensive cameras, like a Pentax that I don’t know how to work well. I bought it because I wanted to teach myself about film. My iPhone, which I use the most because I’m not the best with any complicated technology, is my “go to” device. My favorite photographer is Olivia Bee, I’m constantly looking at her Flickr and Instagram. The everyday regular people are my biggest inspirations.

The quality of the picture isn’t what I’m about (obviously since I take most photos with an iPhone camera). My main focus is to document as many important things in my life as possible. Since I could never get into journaling, I decided to use pictures to capture all of the things I want to remember and it’s a way to express myself. I take a lot of pictures, usually 15-20 a day. Pictures of everything.. I want to remember everything! More than half of the pictures I take are of things, instead of people, just for personal documentation. My editing process could be done by a 3 year old. I would describe my editing process as “whatever” and “I don’t know what I’m doing.” I like to use VSCO Cam for my phone photos and if I’m not satisfied with unedited photos I take with other cameras, I usually just touch them up on my Macbook.  Usually I can picture how I want the photo to look after editing and try to edit it as close as possible.

I want to be more deliberate about capturing important moments through pictures but I don’t want to be too caught up in the picture to not appreciate the moment.

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