The Luck of The Irish (Soda Bread)

By Livy

Drawing by Livy

Every year we used to have a big St. Patricks day party at my house. All my family, our friends, and our frenemies would come and enjoy my mom’s cooking and get wasted while the kids would jump on the trampoline or play Apples To Apples. I don’t really remember enjoying them more than remember enjoying playing dress up games online but it was nice to be with people I loved having a good time.

My parents got divorced almost 3 years ago in February, and since then, we haven’t had any extravagant Saint Patrick’s Day parties. In the midst of my sadness and confusion I didn’t notice that we weren’t having the big celebration, we just had my mom’s family over in our tiny new house, and that was okay. Sixth grade was a really rocky year for me, I made new friends, adopted a scene phase, made an IMDB account, was teased by a few of my peers, started watching anime, and my parents split up. I think I found solace in spending time with my family, no matter which side they belonged to, and eating good food. My mom makes the best irish soda bread which BTW is the ultimate comfort food.

Livy's Irish Soda Bread Recipe
Livy’s Irish Soda Bread Recipe

For a few years on Christmas, we used to set up those miniature christmas themed towns and nativity scenes. I think we got them from my grandma. We would blanket the table in the dining room with fake spider webs and white felt, then strategically place the buildings, trees, and randos. I don’t really remember when we stopped. It probably had something to do with my parents complaining about putting it away. I think I thought that setting up the village would have brought me closer to my grandma, who suffered from Alzheimers. It wouldn’t make me feel a lot of anything today, but it did then.

I used to trick or treat every year with my close friend, Holly. We always had ups and downs, but in the end, I appreciated her a lot. One Halloween, our friendship was definitely on the rocks. That year I trick or treated with someone else in a different neighborhood. I missed Holly. The next year was with Holly, and the next with my other friend. It makes me sad that she only saw my costume on Instagram, but I don’t think she cares that much. What difference would it have made if we did go together?

A lot of my favorite traditions have changed, but my memories of those times will always be there for me.


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