Thrifted Treasures

By Brie


If you’re like me and thrive off of finding the most unusual articles of clothing imaginable, then you probably share my passion for thrift stores as well. They’re cheap, they’re cluttered and they’re sometimes smelly; but they’re where dreams can be turned into reality. The only trouble is that I can never, ever leave a thrift store without buying at least one t-shirt, no matter what. It’s a strange tradition but it’s one that I can’t give up. This was a difficult list to make, but I’m going to show you five of my favourite t-shirts that I’ve found at the thrift store.

1. This “Surf Club” tee is bright orange and caught my attention the second I saw the sleeves peeking out between some Harley Davidson t-shirts. Even though I may only belong to a book club, this t-shirt has the power to make me feel like I’m the member (specifically the leader) of an exclusive club of beach babes.

2. I’m no astrological wizard… but I am a Libra and I truly believe that my personality is spot on with every horoscope I’ve ever read; even if they happen to be at the back of various tween magazines. I had to buy this sweater not only because it lets everyone know that I’m a serious adult ready to take on the world, but because the cat has an uncanny likeness to me when I’m listening to Prince.


3. I found this “Mickey Mouse Beach Club” t-shirt in a small children’s consignment store in Montreal a few years ago. I’m a sucker for anything a kid in the 90’s would have worn and consider it to be one of my favourite t-shirts. I guess I can now say I’m in a book club, a surf club and a Mickey Mouse Beach Club.


*Tip: never rule out the kids section in a thrift store! It’s cheaper and the selection is wackier.

4. I feel like the space camp logo doesn’t need any explanation. Space is great, rocket ships are cool, and who would ever pass up the opportunity to make others think that you went to an elite space camp? Unfortunately this tee was way too big for me when I bought it, so I just cut around the logo and sewed it onto a jean jacket!

*Tip: If a tee is too big, cut around the design you want and sew it on to a sweater or a smaller t-shirt.

1464687_411698238962642_878525783_n5. The final t-shirt on this list is actually plain white. I figured it was about time I customised my own thrifted tee, so I turned to a needle and thread to make my wildest t-shirt dreams come true. Since my favourite word is “booger”, I decided to stich the gross six letter word onto the centre of the tee, with little globs of green embroidered all over! It’s a filthy, holy t-shirt that I think anyone in the Dreamlanders would lust for!

These t-shirts are some thrifted gems that hold a lot of memories and also manage to make me laugh. Remember fashion doesn’t have to be so severe… go out thrifting, find the most bizarre t-shirt in the store, and wear it with pride!

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