Our Home And Native Land

By Rachel Davies

canada collage
Collage by Rachel

The first time I felt proud of my country, happy to say that I am a Canadian, was in grade seven during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

I remember getting giddy when alerted that we were going on a trip to America: the land of Build-A -Bear and Dunkin Donuts. I  also remember taking road trips around America when I was younger and dreaming of the day when I am all grown up and can finally move to America. I never really thought of Canada as my home nation, it was just a place where I waited until I was old enough to finally go off to the US.

Before the 2010 olympics began we had an assignment in French class where we were asked what the olympics meant to us. Most of the class claimed indifference towards the olympics, we said we don’t watch the olympics and it would just be a regular February for us. It’s not like I watch a regular hockey game so what’s the difference, right? Then Alexandre Bilodeau won gold and I realized how wrong I was. Alexandre was the first Canadian to win gold on Canadian soil in 2010, and just watching it on TV felt amazing. I was angry that I couldn’t be in Vancouver watching it live.

I remember wishing for the school day to be over just so I could go home and watch an event. After watching Maelle Ricker win gold for the women’s snowboard cross event I literally wanted to become a professional snowboarder. Of course this is completely ridiculous because I had only been on a snowboard maybe twice before but somehow I believed I could do it. I even asked my dad to take me snowboarding, and we did go once but let’s just say you won’t be seeing me on TV during the Sochi 2014 broadcast. I wasn’t the only Davies girl idolizing Ricker though; my sister even made a Facebook fan page.

I wanted to share my love of Canada after the 2010 olympics, I wanted to talk about being Canadian (in a class full of Canadians this isn’t too exciting) and show it off. I remember being excited to get my first pair of HBC Vancouver 2010 mitts, and begging my mom to find a way to get me a HBC Canada sweater (they were sold out). In place of the sold out sweaters my family bought the Vancouver 2010 hockey jerseys, one for everyone including my grandma.

I love the olympics because they bring out the nationalist in all of us. As soon as the games begin I completely lose my “I don’t care about sports” act and I just hope my country will do well.

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