Committing To Yourself

By Alicia and Rachel D.

Drawing By Rachel D.
To me, commitment is a strange word. Every time I hear or think of the word commitment, and what it means to be committed, I think about committing to something or someone else.  This year of high school, my second to last, has made me realize that I have not committed to myself enough. I am almost always looking out for other people and never thinking of myself. Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with putting other people forward, if anything, you should but hey, sometimes it’s OK to put yourself before others too! As much as I’m committed to watching all my shows and listening to all my favorite bands and essentially twitter stalking Ezra Koenig, I’m finally starting to realize the importance of committing to myself and my future. As a teenage girl, it is sometimes hard to commit to loving yourself and finding things that make you happy. I believe it’s important for every single girl and boy on this planet to truly commit to loving themselves, no matter how horrible people are to them. As soon as you can wake up and tell yourself that you’re a bad ass bitch from hell, you’ll be ready to take on the world. (trust me, it works!!!) I recently joined my school’s art show and for the first time in my life,  sang in front of an audience. As daunting as this was, I wanted to do it to prove to myself that I could commit to something and it was amazing! The art show ran through two nights and so far has been the highlight of my high school career. I pushed myself to sing better and be more confident. I did something solely for my own happiness and the result was so so amazing. All of this committing to yourself may seem like a big deal and lots of work but believe me, it pays off. I’m finally starting to accept myself and my flaws more and more as each day goes on, I’m finally starting to dress for myself and not care what anyone else thinks of me, I’m finally starting to be happy with who I am and where I’m going in my life and it’s an amazing feeling. I think that once you finally accept and love everything about yourself, you can truly commit to others as much as you do to yourself, and that’s a very important thing.
Rachel D.
Committing to yourself and what you believe in despite how others react becomes more important as you get older. You’ll have to commit to things that are more custom to your passions since education gets more personal with picking all of your own courses in university or college. It’s really important to work at your own interests, whether or not your peers are interested in it or think it’s worthwhile shouldn’t matter. Sure, you should listen to your friends’  advice, but don’t let them bring you down if it’s completely opinion based. Realize that you won’t be stuck with this group of people forever, and if you let something go because of one person’s opinion you could be letting down 100s in the future who are actually interested. Also, if you don’t feel like university is for you at the time don’t feel pressured just because it’s what everyone else is doing or because people will look down on you if you don’t go. It’s so, so important to make your decisions based on your opinions because you’ll be the only person living with the results.

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