Committing To Dreams

By Amber

Photo by Amy

I don’t know about you but I’m a fangirl, always have and always will be.

When I hear about new music, tours, or anything related to bands I just go crazy. I didn’t really realize until recently how big of a commitment to these artists I have made. Music is my everything, my passion, it literally is the only thing that keeps me going.

Recently I met Charli XCX and I still don’t know how to feel about that, I’m still in shock a week later. A couple months ago I met Sky Ferreira who at the time I was kind of into but now I’m just obsessed with. I mean, what makes us so committed to these artists? What drives us to buy their albums, get tickets to their shows, or buy their $20 t-shirts? Maybe seeing their whole life online gives us hope that we might have a chance at success in our future like them.

It’s kind of weird how it seems like Sky Ferreira got famous almost overnight, but she had to work really hard for this. It’s not as if she just showed up out of the blue, even though it almost seems like that at times. She started at 15 with music on MySpace and now at 21 she’s going on tour with Miley Cyrus (ex Disney darling turned twerking queen). Looking at her success and overall appeal now is crazy. She was committed to singing and turned it into a career.

I wish I had that kind of commitment, to follow my dreams. You know, to live the life I’ve always fantasized about. I have a lot of dreams like to be a singer, a model, or maybe even a photographer. I know that probably won’t happen unless I put my mind to it and focus. I think all I need is to fully commit and have some charisma and maybe I can create a career and turn into a possible success story in the future. I mean when I was younger my mom put me in chorus and acting classes and I’ve also gone through cameras like no tomorrow. That reminds me, I need to develop the film from last summer!

I think success stories like Sky Ferreira can really give me, and others, hope for the future. She’s an inspiration for me and I would like to achieve the success she has one day (but maybe not get arrested for possession of drugs in the process). I mean if you really think about its kind of hard to achieve anything unless you are committed and have dedicated yourself to following to your dreams. Like Sky said to Interview Magazine:

“Because of social media, a lot of people think they can be, like, a rapper or a singer or a musician because they can put something on YouTube and it might become a thing because there’s – like – YouTube phenomenons and whatnot, you know? Its not like they dedicated years to it or anything. Its annoying.”

Overall, commitment is really important and as long as you have that you can do anything! (By the way check out Sky’s music if you haven’t already she’s really great) 

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